“Marketers need to consolidate data from multiple sources and make it available to multiple systems to ensure consistent, targeted communications.  New products to make this easier will play an important role in the marketing department of tomorrow.”

- David Raab
Raab Associates Inc.

Marketing Automation offered B2B marketers the all-in-one answer to our marketing needs with full visibility into every touch, every open, every interesting moment toward marketing qualification to sales integrated with our sales force automation tools.

And despite the powerful results marketing and sales are beginning to achieve, there is even greater power to be unleashed by one simple force: better data.

Case studies prove it: from a one-time data cleanse that unleashes half a million dollars in unseen revenue in 3 months, to an acceleration in nurture that brings a million dollars in new revenue in the first year, the solutions within the ReachForce Connected Marketing Data Cloud are created to unleash the force lurking within all these systems now.

Today the flood of information we collect on all of this is really not connected – not in the way marketing and sales truly need. A single lead in your marketing programs may have 220 identifiable actions leading toward an opportunity creation by sales. Another person from this same company may suddenly be created as a contact in your CRM and instantly attached to this new opportunity.

But What Drove This Sale? How Do We Get More Like That?

The ReachForce Connected Marketing Data Cloud platform is designed to answer this question for you through Precision Marketing, Perceptive Marketing and Predictive Marketing Solutions that optimize and enhance your B2B data continuously; analyze and highlight the true picture of your leads, contacts, accounts and sales; and finally, predict your best new sources of revenue from within the names already in your hands. This platform supports every element of your demand generation and sales activities to make better use of the entirety of you data set, automatically put it in a more useful form, and then identify next steps to improve lead flows. And when your ambitions for growth require a larger group of people to reach out to, ReachForce supports these efforts with new names to connect to your programs and campaigns, which is where we started working with clients in 2005.

There are three key elements driving B2B Lead Generation: people in companies, the activity and the information about all of this that has been collected. And these three elements must connect as cleanly as possible for maximum marketing and sales potential to be reached.

To start your campaigns or expand existing ones, you need to find the people in the jobs that need the solutions you are offering. You need to find them and connect with them, whether their title is Director of IT or Data Ninja. That’s where ReachForce started as a company and our expertise with Targeted Contacts supports lead generation of companies like Marketo, Eloqua and Rackspace and hundreds of others.

But names turn into leads and contacts, and can become inadvertenty duplicated, or one name comes in from a trade show with the nickname “Bob” instead of the more formal “Robert” previously captured. Now there’s another duplicate (rather, a triplicate). What if for each one of these, all with the same email address, one visited your trade show booth, another has been reading every solutions page of your web site and the other downloaded a whitepaper. Your MQL score threshold is 100 – each of these scores 54. Nothing is moving to sales, as all three are hardly visible.

One guy is seriously sales ready. But he can’t pass over the threshold because the data is a mess. This is the beginning of where data quality breaks down. And it happens constantly.

The person, Bob, works for a company in your B2B space. Without appropriate company information – location, revenue and industry – it’s hard to judge how serious a prospect Bob is. Lacking this information depresses your revenue results. Adding it improves them. That’s available through SmartForms, Data Cleanse & Enrichand cDQM continuous Data Quality Manager.

As for Bob’s activities, it’s clear that they are disconnected from a data perspective. Even sophisticated marketing and sales automation systems have no way to solve this issue. What if there is another person, Stephanie, from this same company, and she is the person holding budget for the problem this company seeks to solve, but she is a just anonymous lead, floating unseen to both marketing and sales.

This lack of connections is an unseen or very difficult to solve problem in B2B Lead Management that is uniquely solved by the ReachForce Connected Marketing Data Cloud.

Precision Marketing SmartForms can enrich and standardize Bob’s company information as he downloads the whitepaper, bumping his lead score up to 78 – and allows 2 firmographic questions “What are your company’s annual revenues?” and “What is your zip code” to be replaced with “What IT issue keeps you up and night?” and “When do you think you’ll be able to solve it?” Answers here move him all the way to 107, a marketing qualified lead (MQL) on first touch, and introduces him to the sales team who convert the opportunity.

But what about the other 2 Bobs? And what about Bob’s anonymous colleague, Stephanie? These are some of the thorniest B2B lead data issues of all – connecting ALL the people, companies, activities, accounts into a standardized view to bring them to your marketing attention, move them further down the path to sales, and predict what will make that happen.

That’s what the ReachForce Connected Marketing Data Cloud platform is designed to achieve for you: continuous data quality driving improved results through Precision Marketing, clearer analysis through Perceptive Marketing and a view of the future and a visionary look at your best prospects with Predictive Marketing solutions.


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