Message Personas: 40 Questions for your Buyer Personas

People don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel.  So all of your fancy acronyms and business speak is just a waste of time. Enrich your marketing database with persona attributes for better targeting and segmentation. … Continued

Revenue Marketing Gets its First Big Conference: REVTalks

It’s rare to find a marketing event so compelling it makes you literally drop everything and plan to attend – or to sponsor. But when ReachForce received the prospectus for REVTalks  last fall, that’s exactly what we did. The conference … Continued

Learn It! Engagement Streams

Crafting a complete start to finish “drip” marketing program is time consuming, and guaranteed to be proven wrong at some step in the process. Each element in the flow is hand coded, and it’s tough to adjust elements overall since … Continued

Learn How to Maximize Lead Generation

Anyone with a blog can call themselves a thought leader – but how do you find the real deal? If you’re lucky, you meet Ruth P. Stevens (her incredibly impressive bio is at the end of the article).  And if … Continued

Dreamforce 2013 – Chill Out and Drink Up

      Dreamforce 2013 welcomed an earth-shattering 135,000 attendees, and it took exactly 30 seconds to get a badge. When the rains started on Tuesday, cartons of blue umbrellas suddenly appeared. Everything was perfect from an attendee perspective in … Continued

What is a Lead? What is a Prospect?

As marketing rapidly evolves with marketing automation and predictive lead scoring, metrics and definitions evolve. Lead and Prospect are two words we hear a lot in marketing and sales roles but very rarely meaning the same thing. From company to … Continued

Lead Nurturing, a Pipeline Full of Bluebirds

Let’s consider The Bluebird. That beautiful lead that flies in our door, sales ready, BANT-confirmed, with authority to buy now – and does. Out of our control, out of nowhere.  But … what if we could change the game, and … Continued

MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Awards 2013

The MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum in full swing in Boston today, and at lunch they will kick off their inauguaral B2B Marketing Awards presentations. Celebrating the “Luminaries” of B2B Marketing, 30 companies – including ReachForce (our moms are very proud) … Continued