Content is King – But Personalized Content is Key

Content marketing is the drumbeat of any successful inbound marketing engine. Marketers are constantly faced with solving the challenges of building a content strategy that moves the business forward, producing enough content that aligns with the needs of the market, and how to attribute actual results from the content developed. However, as content marketing is becoming universal, it is more difficult for marketers to provide the right content to the right audience. This requires B2B marketers to personalize their content to their audience based on their intent, behavior, profile and firmographics. In order to achieve personalized content, marketers must be armed with the appropriate information and data about their target audience.

Improving Progressive Profiling

In a B2B inbound marketing program, lead forms are the key to driving conversions. Progressive profiling has remedied the gap between using short forms and obtaining important lead data needed for segmentation and 1:1 personalization. However, an issue with progressive profiling is that a prospect needs to fill out upwards of 5 forms to obtain all of the necessary data. If you’re like most B2B marketers that work with a demanding sales organization, who want to see leads yesterday, do you have the time to sit and wait for prospects to fill out multiple forms?


ReachForce helps B2B Marketers by providing Real-Time Lead Form Data Enrichment

There is an easier way. ReachForce SmartForms provides the demographic and firmographic data at the first form-fill – alleviating the need to wait on multiple forms. With one form, you are able to acquire marketing lead data in real-time, as soon as the prospect clicks the submit button. ReachForce SmartForms plugs right into your existing forms and is fully customizable to fit your marketing needs. SmartForms is also compatible with all marketing automation systems allowing you to plug and play. Contact us today to let data drive marketing. LEARN MORE >

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