B2B Landing Pages Become Rich Marketing Data Events with Smart Forms

Designed specifically for B2B marketers, SmartForms is a landing page lead form solution that appends data in real-time for improved marketing results. Whether for webinar registration, paid search landing pages, content marketing, email response landing pages or contact forms – SmartForms can make every marketing lead captured a rich data event.

Best practice suggests that web forms should be no more than five fields for the highest conversion rates. With SmartForms, every form can be short and still offer B2B marketers rich company profiling information, without asking web visitors for this information.  SmartForms adds a complete mailing address including 9 digit zip (US), company revenues, employee count, industry – and if desired – all the way up to detailed corporate hierarchy relationships. Global companies are well represented in the over 200 million reference company database with 220 countries.

Landing Page Web Form Data Enrichment

SmartForms are currently enriching inbound lead data for customer using leading marketing automation tools like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Silverpop, Act-On and Hubspot; CMS Systems like Sitecore and WordPress; and CRMs including Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and Sage.

SmartForms leverages ReachForce’s deep marketing expertise, proprietary matching technology and the 200 million companies in the ReachForce data set and their detailed business information to drastically reduce the number of required fields on existing forms while still capturing in real-time the critical information needed for lead scoring, lead nurture, sales routing, targeting & marketing segmentation.

SmartForms is a simple and affordable intelligent landing page web form solution and will enable you to:

  • Request less information from your visitors while still capturing necessary business qualification information, allowing you to remove no longer necessary fields, shorten web forms to increase lead conversions and decrease cost-per-lead
  • Complete marketing profiles more quickly (including progressive profiling) with the supplementation of SmartForms data
  • Increase the effectiveness of lead nurturing and lead scoring programs for improved return on your marketing automation investment
  • More effectively profile, target, segment and route your leads resulting in increased campaign effectiveness, better 1-to-1 marketing, and faster hand-off to sales
  • Help prevent incomplete, inaccurate and non-standardized data to enter the marketing database

SmartForms Case Studies Clients have experienced the following improvements:

  • Increased lead flows of between 26 – 34% (Marketo, LeadMD)
  • Faster Progressive Profiling Completion – Reduced from 20 days to 1 day. (Webtrends)
  • Faster handoff to sales (all)
  • Reduced sales qualification handling time, resulting in a 27% increase in inside sales productivity (Marketo)
  • Increased sales pipeline 40% per quarter (webtrends).

“SmartForms helps reduce friction in the lead generation and nurturing process. Plus, by enriching our data with additional information, we can deliver as relevant an experience as possible.”

- Myllisa Patterson

Senior Marketing Operations Manager

SmartForms appends deep firmographic and segmentation information to trigger precision nurture programs, qualify prospects faster and grow sales pipeline faster.

  • Simple implementation on any landing page web form
  • White glove customer support by our dedicated Customer Success Team based in Austin, TX.
  • Precision nurture programs can be triggered immediately following form submission incorporating SmartForms appended data. This means even the submission confirmation web or email confirmation can be tailored. There is no lag as with batch mode data appending.

Enable Richer Scoring and Nurturing

Running in the background without the need for cookies, SmartForms ensures critical information such as industry, employees, geography, revenue, SIC & NAICS codes, company hierarchy, and more are fed directly into your lead capture, CRM or marketing automation database. This enables you to not only capture the information needed by your sales team, but also to properly score, nurture and route the new leads.


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