Understand How Data Fuels Your Marketing Initiatives

To many B2B marketers and sales professionals, Big Data means nothing more than data overload when they find themselves with multiple adopted software applications. With each new system, a silo of fragmented, inconsistent data is created. If marketing data is incomplete, unreliable or invalid, then B2B marketers and sales professionals can expect the same results from their marketing campaigns.

Unify Your Data Viewpoints

From prospecting & targeting to customer lifecycle marketing and analytics, big data has many uses for B2B marketers and sales professionals. However, big data brings big challenges for marketers – from collecting it to managing and understanding it.

Strategically using data to drive marketing requires the ability to harness high quality, relevant data.  ReachForce provides solutions that help teams integrate and streamline their data collection channels, providing real-time updates to lead scoring, routing and data collection across multiple platforms.

A Single View of All Prospects and Customers

ReachForce provides continuous data quality management which unifies, validates, corrects, standardizes and removes duplicate data automatically.

With ReachForce, marketing data is always at its highest quality and campaign-ready state, allowing B2B marketers and sales professionals to take advantage of strategic marketing opportunities instantly.

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