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Quora, by now I’m sure you’ve heard of it.  Not sure what to expect, I signed up and put a question out there (floating a go-to-market message out).  I thought it was an interesting concept but I wasn’t exactly sure how to “use” Quora in the B2B marketing mix.  Since signing up, I now have 49 curious B2B marketers following me.  So we’re all thinking the same thing.  Cool, but how do I leverage?

Just in case you haven’t heard of Quora, here’s what they say about themselves.

About Quora
Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. The most important thing is to have each question page become the best possible resource for someone who wants to know about the question.

Ok, back to figuring out how Quora might fit in the marketing mix.  Looking for help, I started with the obvious – Quora.

Here’s what I found:

How can you use Quora professionally? Mario Sundar, Linkedin’s social media guy, breaks it down into these for 4 steps:

  • Stage 1: Follow topics of professional interest
  • Stage 2: Follow your colleagues on Quora
  • Stage 3: Follow breaking news in your field of expertise
  • Stage 4: Break news in your field of expertise

Definitely doable.  Be sure to read Mario’s entire response here.  He breaks down each stage in more detail.

Jumped out of Quora for a visit with Google.  Still looking for use cases, here’s a few interesting things I found:

That’s about all that’s out there so I’m wondering if any B2BLead readers are signed up and using Quora?  If so, how?  Please do share.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to experiment and be sure to let you know what I find.

  • Lori Witzel

    I’m using Quora…to learn and drill down into areas I knew (and didn’t know) I’m interest in, to share what I know, and to see what the fuss has been about. The community and moderators are quick to tap you out for hard self-promo and biz promo, so be aware this may not be the place for that.