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Just the other day I found myself defining for a co-worker what exactly a nurture campaign is and isn’t and in doing so I ran across some great content that helps to clarify things a bit and wanted to share.

According to Andre Pino over at Forrester Research, Lead nurturing is a process by which leads are tracked and developed into sales-qualified leads.  Meaning that they are ready and worthy of a salesperson’s time. Of course he said that it is critical that you jointly establish the definition of a sales-ready lead with the sales team.

Great definition and starting point, now how do you create one?  Again Andre had some great points, summarized below, click here to read his full blog post:

  • Focus on the prospect
  • Message with consistency
  • Content is Key!
  • Process is important

Another great resource to share on this topic comes from our friends over at Marketo(@marketo).  They have a great workbook that they’ve put together that defines and outlines what a world-class lead nurturing program should look like.  Everyone should have this sitting on their desk as a “Dummies Guide” to lead nurturing as it outlines the basics to lead nurturing, the advanced tips and tricks they and their customers have learned as well as how to track and measure ROI from your programs to help make you look like a rockstar internally.

Finally, in my research and sending information to my co-worker I ran across a great blog post from one of our other key partners, Televerde (@televerde), that was rather humorus but true titled, “The Kiss of Death Phone Call Starts Like This: “Just Touching Base…”  I don’t want to steal too much of Donna’s thunder but her blog post is all around the fact that the word “nurture” is used, in my opinion, too widely to describe sometimes what marketers and sometime sales do.  An effective nurture campaign is one that is truly multi-touch and goes beyond the simple call and check in.  It’s one that encompasses email, direct mail, telemarketing ( a Televerde area of expertise by the way :)) and social media.

Hopefully some of this helps and can provides insight into how to best go about setting up a winning lead nurturing program at your organization.  Oh, and the next time someone asks you, “what exactly is lead nurturing?” you can pass this on.

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  • Larry Fleischman

    Always helpful to shed light on the topic of lead nurturing. Definitions/explanations tend to differ. Televerde’s perspective of lead nurturing is that it’s really more about creating and strengthening sales relationships. The buyer/seller relationship is what really needs nurturing before sales opportunities can be generated. The relationship yields the opportunities. Nurture the relationship!

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