Our Client

ReachForce’s client, a global manufacturer of infrastructure hardware and software for data centers, corporate enterprise, manufacturing and construction corporations, has over 66,000 active products in catalogs and markets through a complex channel of distributors and partners.

The Challenge

A global manufacturing corporation with a complex marketing lifecycle and lead scoring process for supporting its multiple solution categories and business units had a data management system littered with legacy data spanning as far back as 30 years. After migrating to Marketo in 2015, they realized they were dealing with massive data accuracy and duplication problems—upon examining 230,000 records, they extracted only 14,000 unique records. As a result, marketing was having a di cult time reaching leads and sales was dealing with overlapping data, which led to oversaturation from multiple business units trying to sell to leads at the same time.

The Solution

The manufacturing company turned to ReachForce’s SmartManage solution to manage their data quality and completeness, beating out numerous competitive solutions due to their simplified implementation process and accelerated implementation timeline. SmartManage provides continuous data quality management by standardizing and verifying data while removing duplicate and inaccurate information and automatically augments leads with demographic and firmographic data on an ongoing basis to complete customer profiles.

After implementing SmartManage, the company worked with ReachForce to do a one-time CRM data cleanse to set up proper processes and remove duplicate records. Since January 2016, ReachForce SmartManage has cleansed and enriched over 275,000 records and adds 600+ newly qualified leads monthly, enriched through nightly batch cleanse processes. The solution works to add critical data, like company name, phone number, revenue and SIC code, and validate information provided.

The ReachForce team also set up “parent-child” relationships so that leads were routed to the correct sales people immediately to prevent leads from getting contacted by multiple members of the sales team.

The Results

After implementing SmartManage, the company reports 99.9% confidence in the accuracy and quality of leads that are sent to sales, and 92% of those leads prove to be accurate at the time of first sales outreach. CDM has also automated the work of two full time employees, enabling the company to reduce costs and allowing their operating team to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Increased data accuracy and lead quality has enabled the company to significantly increase the volume and value of their lead generation opportunities, maximize its Marketo integration, streamline the sales process and segment new leads quicker with automatic alignment to the proper funnel and engagement team. Leads are now contacted more quickly and e ciently, without oversaturation from multiple business units.

Leading B2B companies rely on ReachForce to assess, clean, append, and enrich data, increasing market reach and accelerating conversion. Contact us to find out how SmartSuite optimizes CRM and marketing automation and ensures the strategies of every B2B marketer are built upon a stable, complete and managed foundation of data.