Our Client

Huron helps their clients embrace transformation and tackle challenges that are presented through the course of today’s rapidly changing marketplace. While guiding clients through the process of change, Huron realized that another transformation was necessary–their own.

After consolidating 20 separate business units into a single unified brand, Huron aligned its marketing strategy to be more holistic and client-centric. Beyond the strategy, Huron’s disparate marketing technologies were inefficient, costly and unable to deliver meaningful and actionable data to the sales team, making it impossible to demonstrate impact of marketing investments.

Connecting the Data Dots

During Huron’s evaluation of their marketing infrastructure, the team realized that data was being kept by separate business groups within spreadsheets. These numerous sources were filled with unreliable data that made it impossible to have a single, consolidated view of their customers. Huron recognized that they needed to adopt a marketing technology solution that would ensure a single source of truth for marketing campaigns across the organization to rely on.

"Without accurate and rich data, it is nearly impossible to ensure that every buyer interaction with a brand builds on where the last interaction left off. Marketing’s ability to drive meaningful growth for their organizations depends on the quality of the data they start with. For marketing to be a growth driver for an organization, first invest in the data."

LISA COLE VP of Marketing, Huron

How ReachForce Helped Solve Huron’s Problem

Focused on uniting all data into a single marketing database, ReachForce allowed Huron to evolve “random acts of marketing” into strategic and scalable marketing programs. By standardizing, verifying and enriching existing contact and account data, Huron’s marketing database was established with a rich data structure that enabled account-based marketing efforts and advanced, accurate reporting.

Huron’s initial cleanse of their collective database–and ongoing refreshes–allowed for a high degree of data completeness that supported their need for advanced segmentation. Beyond enabling modern marketing tactics like personalization and segmentation that previously weren’t possible, the Huron marketing organization can now confidently extend accurate and reliable data under proper data governance to other parts of the business, such as customer success and finance.

With a revived marketing strategy focused on data management principles, Huron has influenced $255 million in revenue as well as over 1,200 MQLs. The business continues to embrace data as a driving force in automating tasks and boosting efficiency through campaigns that source over 375,000 leads and contacts annually.

Leading B2B companies rely on ReachForce to assess, clean, append, and enrich data, increasing market reach and accelerating conversion. Contact us to find out how SmartSuite optimizes CRM and marketing automation and ensures the strategies of every B2B marketer are built upon a stable, complete and managed foundation of data.