Our Client

Lenovo is a global hardware and software technology company that markets products and services to both businesses and consumers, including servers, cloud solutions and computer equipment, across several industries.

The Challenge

Lenovo wanted to increase its lead volume and improve lead quality for the sales team. However, form completion was cumbersome, which led to prospects abandoning the site.

“Our job is to bring net new leads to our sales department. If we’re bringing them insufficient leads, then we’re not doing our job,” said Lisa Bauerlein, Commercial Marketing Operations Manager at Lenovo.

The Solution

The computer and systems manufacturer began working with ReachForce to enrich incoming lead data from prospects in an automated, real-time fashion after they initially completed a registration form on the site in exchange for content.

ReachForce SmartForms provides targeting and segmentation information, such as demographic and firmographic data, that enhance a prospect’s first form-fill, and it can append 150 data points in real- time, negating the need for multiple fields.

Lenovo sought marketing targeting information, such as geographic, revenue and employee-sizing, and headquarters, as well as purchase information such as infrastructure selections, so that it could determine lead quality.

“Not much is available in our field,” said Michael Ballard. Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing at Lenovo. “This allowed us to make sure the contact is in our target market. Internally, we have named account [targets] based on employee size,” he explained. “It makes sure this contact is messaged appropriately [by Lenovo].”

ReachForce’s data enrichment process leads to better data, Bauerlein said. “It’s also more likely to generate leads in the first place,” she said, because of the more seamless, abbreviated form-fill.

“It’s a known fact that the fewer questions you ask up front, the more willing [prospects] are to fill out a form or provide information,” Bauerlein said. “Now the company has the data it needs to pass along high- quality leads to its sales team.”

The Results

Lenovo experienced a 2X increase in form completion on its website after it began using ReachForce to enrich its data, as well as a significantly higher volume of leads overall. SmartFormsTM has enabled Lenovo to automate that process in real-time as part of its workflow.

Based on its ongoing success, Lenovo has also recently expanded its relationship with ReachForce to include leveraging the company’s data quality management to assure prospect information is valid.

“We’re constantly monitoring our send reputation, and while we scrub our database of ‘inactives’
and ‘bouncebacks,’ this allowed us a way to do that consistently,” Ballard said. He explained that information would typically be updated in a reactive way. ReachForce enables the Lenovo marketing team to be proactive — rather than waiting for a bounced email — and maintain its send reputation.

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