Upgrade Your Content Strategy with Data

Content marketing is the lifeblood of any successful inbound marketing engine. However, as content marketing becomes more common and prospects get flooded with articles, blogs and case studies, it is imperative that marketers personalize their content to their audience. In order to effectively personalize content, marketers must be armed with accurate demographic, firmographic and social data about their audience.

Streamline Your Lead Form Progressive Data Collection

Progressive profiling balances form length and data collection needed for segmentation to drive higher lead form conversion rates. However, traditional progressive profiling methods may require a lead to fill out upwards of 5 forms to obtain all of the necessary data.

Enrich Your Data in Real Time

ReachForce SmartForms™ provides demographic and firmographic data at the first form-fill. By automatically adding lead data necessary for lead scoring, routing and nurturing, ReachForce allows marketers to focus their progressive profiling strategy on next-level information, like company needs, timeframe and decision-making authority.  ReachForce SmartForms™ plugs into your existing forms and is fully compatible with all marketing automation systems.

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