Our Client

Serenova is a globally scalable contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) provider.

The Challenge

Serenova leverages a proprietary algorithm and sales-boosting model that enables its internal sales team to focus on the lifetime potential of the account instead of only capturing the initial sales opportunity. In order for this forward-thinking account ranking process to work correctly and efficiently, Serenova needed real-time data enrichment technology to automate the process.

The Solution

Serenova’s sales algorithm cannot function without immaculate, relevant data, but Baker Johnson, senior vice president of marketing at Serenova, didn’t want to allocate more manpower from their already-busy team to standardize, de-duplicate and verify lead data. Instead, he turned to SmartFormsTM to automate the process, free up his team and ensure their algorithm had the high-quality data it needed for sales to focus on the right leads.

SmartForms by ReachForce is used by Fortune 500 companies and tech start-ups to automate lead enrichment by appending contact and account data, including demographic, firmographic and technology data, to webforms in real-time. Built on the company’s proprietary technologies and methodologies, SmartForms provides up to 120 relevant data points to help B2B marketers build a complete picture of their prospects.

“We love working with ReachForce—their account management service level and personal relationship building has been phenomenal. The implementation process can be described as easy and straightforward and the team was responsive and respectful of our timeline,” said Johnson.

Aside from automating their segmentation model, Serenova saw SmartForms as an ideal compromise between onerous forms that turn customers away and ungated content that doesn’t capture data. “The firmographic data that SmartForms automatically appends to our leads is vital to the success of our sales boosting algorithm and saves our business development team from having to enter the data manually,” says Johnson. “SmartForms empowers our sales team members with frictionless conversion data to better aide in their sales efforts.”

The Results

Serenova’s proprietary approach to sales which leverages SmartForms has multiplied overall lead generation by a factor of 12.5, doubled their sales pipeline production and quadrupled their average deal size in the last 1.5 years.

By automatically appending important data to web forms without inconveniencing customers, SmartForms has increased inbound marketing growth by 500% and is able to keep prospects satisfied with a positive user experience. With SmartForms, Serenova can implement hyper- targeted segmentation to boost ABM efforts and focus on the bigger deals that are a good match for Serenova’s industry and revenue targets, ensuring the sales team is making the most efficient and productive use of their time. Since implementing SmartForms, targeted opportunities have increased from less than 2% of their pipeline to 27%.

Leading B2B companies rely on ReachForce to assess, clean, append, and enrich data, increasing market reach and accelerating conversion. Contact us to find out how SmartSuite optimizes CRM and marketing automation and ensures the strategies of every B2B marketer are built upon a stable, complete and managed foundation of data.